Outdoor Artificial Shrubs

To find the best selection of Outdoor Artificial Shrubs, check out Plantworks in Las Vegas, NV.

The Plantworks designs, installs and specifies interior plantscapes for the gaming, hospitality, wholesale, retail and themed entertainment markets. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada in a 10,000 sq. ft. showroom and manufacturing facility. Quality, creativity and professionalism are the foundations of every Plantworks’ project. From hotels, casinos, resorts and themed entertainment to community centers, restaurants and private estates, The Plantworks provides only the highest quality of plants and accessories. The Company specializes in commercial grade, lifelike artificial foliage using artificial flowers, silk plants and trees – along with their specialized UV Rated Polyblend® exterior foliage, used for exterior plants. In addition, the Company specializes in authentic looking interior trees that use natural wood trunks while incorporating artificial components. From large artificial trees to decorative artificial flowers, The Plantworks is here to bring the beauty of outside indoors, for commercial and/or private use.

Artifical Shrubs For Inside And Out

Where driving through country or town, everyone notices a well manicured lawn. It doesn’t matter what size lawn you own, a beautiful green hedges add a majesty that trees alone cannot create. But when your deciding what kind of lawn you want, you may need to take in to account the size of the lawn and how much work you want to put into it. Living shrubs are a lot of work and requires gardening skills you may not have. There are landscaping companies that have been using artificial shrubs for years. These shrubs can be just as beautiful as the living ones and look so real you have to touch them to know the difference. Theses shrubs are usually made of durable, UV protected materials that helps them withstand the outside weather and they don‘t draw insects like some real ones do.

When choosing shrubs you will find that the artificial ones come in as many choices as the real ones. The colors, types and sizes are very closely matched to the real living plants. Where you are looking for indoor or outdoor artificial shrubs there is plenty of choices and many different ways to use them. The man made shrubs, unlike the real shrubs doesn’t die if you forget to water them and you can put them in your darkest corner because they don’t need sunlight.The silk and polyester foliage retain their beautiful color, they don’t shed their leaves. One primary reason you may want to use artificial plants indoors is that some people are allergic to the real ones. With indoor or outdoor artificial shrubs you don’t have to worry about allergies.

Outside artificial shrubs can used to build hedges around patios, porches, decks and swimming pools. They can be used to mix with your flower gardens to make little hideaways. Placed around a gazebo, can create a romantic haven just for two or for many as a place to have an outdoor celebration such as a wedding.

If you want to bring shrubbery indoors, they are great for use as balcony privacy screens, not only in private homes but in business as well. The are used in hotels, spas and restaurants for privacy as well as beauty. Artificial shrubbery is more sanitary then using live shrubs so they are better in places where there’s food.

There is Barberry Shrubs that comes in individually branches where you can shape them into the size and shape shrub you want. They come in light green, dark green ,burgundy and brown. These colors can be used by making shrubs of one color or use all the colors to make an artistic statement of your own.

There‘s the Asparagus Fern which is delicate looking. It comes in branches or potted so it can be used outdoor or indoor. The Taxus Yew and Cedar artificial shrubs are tall like the real shrubs of the same name. They are great for making hedgerows, mixed with real roses, they make a great place to sit and dream.

The Boxwood Shrub is the most popular because the real Boxwood shrubs are the most popular. They are used fore most hedges and topiaries. They have light green leaves which are fluffy just like the real Boxwood shrubs. These shrubs come already shaped in hedges or round shrubs. You can also get them in single branches so you can size and shape your own hedge.
If your planning to beautify your lawn or you want to bring a little of the outdoors in check out the many companies and web sites that sell artificial shrubbery. You will be amazed how much some well places hedges or topiaries can add a touch of magic to your lawn, garden or home.

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Outdoor Artificial Shrubs Guide

The Plantworks has designed, manufactured and installed world class projects using exterior Polyblend® components on custom fabricated and engineered steel frames. Plantworks Exclusive Eight Year Guarantee provides a product that is colorfast and offers the very best warranty in the industry.


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Outdoor Artificial Shrubs are amazing!

Through years of design evolution, Plantworks with various architects and design teams have refined varieties which not only are most realistic but have the greatest impact as an architectural element.  Among these are Two Tone Boxwood, Italian Cypress, Juniper, Two Tone Green Bougainvillea, Lirope Grass, Bougainvillea and Geraniums in various colors. Polyblend® components can cover …


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